Pending Application- Alphatool

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Pending Application- Alphatool

Post  Alphatool on Wed Nov 28, 2012 9:14 am

- Which country are you from (non Australians are accepted, we just like to know)?

- What is your experience with Planetside 2 (Alpha/Beta tester, Brand new (we accept brand new players if they are willing to learn))?
No previous experience. Probaly only put in around 7-10 hours so far. Grrrr, life getting in the way of my gaming.

- Which class do you prefer to play?
Light or Heavy INF. Havn't tried much else.

- What is your ingame name?

- Where did you hear about us?
Heard about you guys on the PS2 forums.

- Which (if any) other outfits have you been involved with (Australian and non Australian)?
No other Outfits.

- Why do you wish to join The Incendiary Wombats?
I wish to join the Wombats and play PS the way its should be played. Using communication and coordination to achieve the assingned objectives. (wow that sounds serious)
All the while having fun with a group of like minded individuals.

- What do you expect the outfit to provide you with?
I'm expecting to have an enjoyable gaming experience. Times when you have to knuckledown get serious and do the job, and other times when you can enjoy a bit of banter with squad mates.



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