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Outfit Leader: Pudgeinabowl
SOE Forums Recruitment advertisement (contains general outfit information and propaganda)

Welcome to The Incendiary Wombats. The purpose of this application process is to get to know our members a little better, and to formalise your initiation into the outfit whilst introducing you to what will be and is the hub of our activities. If you are accepted these forums will provide you with all the information you need about our operations for Planetside 2, and give you and the other members a private place to have fun, voice ideas and muck about.

1. Create a thread with the Title: 'PENDING APPLICATION - YOURNAME'

2. Within that thread fill out the following form

- Which country are you from (non Australians are accepted, we just like to know)?
- What is your experience with Planetside 2 (Alpha/Beta tester, Brand new (we accept brand new players if they are willing to learn))?
- Which class do you prefer to play?
- What is your ingame name?
- Where did you hear about us?
- Which (if any) other outfits have you been involved with (Australian and non Australian)?
- Why do you wish to join The Incendiary Wombats?
- What do you expect the outfit to provide you with?

Your answers can be as succinct or elaborate as you like. After your thread is created and you've been verified in teamspeak, your thread will be moved to the appropriate subforum.

If you are accepted (ie we like you and you seem coherent and competent in teamspeak) you will be immediately accepted into the outfit. There are NO trial periods. If it is later revealed that a player is not meshing well with the outfit, the player will be confronted to properly assess the situation, and termination may occur if another solution cannot be found.


YES, pure and simple. If you are playing TR on the Australian server, it cannot hurt you to apply. Age, gender, race and skill are not important to this outfit. If you do what you can to follow orders as quickly as possible, whether it is pull a vehicle, suicide and spawn at a nearby base or hot drop at the correct time, we do not care if you can't hit the broadside of a barn in a whole field of barns.

Age is unimportant to The Incediary Wombats, if you are 12 years old but use Teamspeak maturely and have a well developed 'skin' you are 100% welcome. Likewise just because you're 35 doesn't mean you won't be rejected for 'immaturity'.

No player will EVER be rejected on pointless and arbitrary things like race and gender. Such things should never be a factor in anything in life, and on the internet I do not care what you look like or where your ancestors are from (well I might, but in a good 'you're an interesting person way'). Players are ONLY rejected based on inability to follow procedure during operations, causing excessive problems within the outfit or causing shame to the outfit in public.

The Incendiary Wombats does not require political correctness, and appreciates humour in every facet of life. This means you are technically allowed to say anything you like within our private Teamspeak and forums, but dredging up the worst of 4chan and worse just for the sake of it is incredibly frowned upon. You may however be told you're an idiot. Be accountable for what you say and post.

Whilst mildly derogatory nicknames, general name-calling and some 'fps trashtalk' may occur within the outfit, PERSONAL and malicious attacks (as determined by Pudgeinabowl and officers) against other outfit members or other players are NOT tolerated. Do your best to keep all 'trashtalk' lighthearted and clever. Personal ego dickwaving just looks properly 'trashy'.


Due to the high intensity nature of operations, yelling and cussing will most likely occur and may even be directed at squad members and squad leaders who fail to properly execute an order. It is important to remember THIS IS NOT A PERSONAL ATTACK. We do not hate you, you may have just messed up this time, be accountable for your actions and take it on the chin, learn from that mistake and if you feel the accusation was unjust, bring it up at the END of operations, either with the accuser or with Pudgeinabowl.

As the outfit grows in size, conflict between members is all but inevitable, these situations will be dealt with by the outfit leader personally and my best effort will be made to reach a equitable conclusion before it gets out of hand.


• Good communicators and common sense (Microphones are required)
• Friendly mature gamers who know how to have a good time and when to knuckle down and get 'serious'.
• Players that are eager and willing to learn the game, new styles, tactics and carry out possibly convoluted or nonsensical orders


Solo heros: If you want to pad your kd by sniping off on your own, this is not the outfit for you. We stick together during ops and do our best to carry out orders.
KD ratio: It is a reality that you WILL be asked to /suicide or redeploy, even if you are on a 20 killstreak or setup in the best position. This is because we need the whole squad somewhere else, and your KD is not important to us, and I feel that KD in general is unimportant. You are playing for the outfit, and your actions will dictate the performance of the rest of your squad and the outfit as a whole. If we lose half a squad because they stay behind killwhoring, the entire outfit suffers.


So thankyou for reading and considering an application to The Incendiary Wombats. We hope you enjoy your time with us and look forward to seeing you on Auraxis.


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